Therapeutic Equine Head Cap


The Equine Head Cap covers both the altas and the axis. It has Velcro closures around the ears for optimal adjustablility. Laces on each side to fasten under the throat, with re-enforcement made on the exterior where the halter rests.

Size: Small or Medium-Large
Material: 50% polyester and cotton with ceramic textile.

Color:  Black. 
Care: Machine washable up to 86F or 30C. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.

Back on Track products are not to be compared with magnetic therapy.
The effectiveness of Back on Track۪s thermal warmth therapy has been established by medical science. 
For more information, click here to see the results of a clinical study on on Back on Track horse blankets.

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