Majyk Equipe Sport/Dressage Boots


Featuring Hyperflex Foam 

The Majyk Equipe Sport/Dressage Boot was developed with the high performance dressage rider in mind, but also for those wishing to school their horses in any discipline while keeping their horse protected.The boots are designed in a natural conical shape to wrap the horses leg while conforming to the shape of the bones. The boots are soft in construction with a medical grade Hyperflex Foam liner, designed to be super light weight and cool. The breathable perforated material allows air to circulate while repelling dirt and moisture. Unlike other materials popularly used in dressage boots, hyperflex foam prohibits the development of fungus as the material is of a hypoallergenic nature - especially important when the boots are used for long periods of time. This boot also has a long Velcro strap allowing for a perfect fit. Boots may be washed on a cold cycle only. Do not use bleach or any products containing bleach. Boots should be air dried (not machine dried.)

Available in white only. Sizes Medium, Large and Extra Large. (We use these boots for EVERYTHING from turn out, to flatting. We have size mediums for the front legs and larges for the hind.)


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