Harmohn Kraft Aramas Hunter Bridle With Reins Chocolate


Recognized and appreciated around the world for quality bridlework at competitive prices, Harmohn Kraft combines choice leathers, refined detail and modern style features. The Aramas Bridle is no exception. Made of English leather in dark chocolate for a rich and refined look right out of the package, this bridle represents an excellent value for your budget. It has a padded, fancy-stitched browband and noseband and a padded single crownpiece that reduces pressure on your horse's sensitive poll. Cheek pieces are 1/2 " wide. Includes matching raised front laced reins to complete the look. Buckles and hook stud closures are made of stainless steel.

Extremely buttery soft leather. Superior, high quality. Assembled in India, however, not made with Indian leather. Has the look and feel of bridles MUCH more expensive.

Available in various styles - wide noseband, not padded, raised, raised-fancy stitched, square raised. Cob, horse and warmblood sizes. Please email with any questions: rachel@iselltack.com.

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