Draper Canine Therapy Doggie Wraps


Draper Canine Therapy Dog Wraps offer a comfortable and secure bandage for therapeutic relief after surgery, injuries or arthritic conditions. The Dog Wraps work similar to an Ace bandage with Velcro, but made especially for your dog. The Draper Canine Therapy Dog Wraps contain 65 % Celliant (Polyester) and 35% Polyester. Celliant is the worldês most technologically advanced fiber that is a proprietary blend of minerals which have been extruded into a polyester fiber. Celliant encourages not only alleviation of pain and other negative symptoms, but an actual improvement of the body's natural systems. Celliantês oxygen studies were done independently by three separate doctors and all tests came to the same conclusion, that Celliant increases tissue oxygen levels which has been shown to increase performance, relieve pain and improve muscle recovery. A separate study has also shown a statistically significant reduction in pain associated with diabetic neuropathy, arthritis and other conditions caused by poor blood circulation. One key mineral in Celliant is titanium dioxide which is a photocatalyst, or light absorbing mineral. Electromagnetic energy given off by the body is absorbed (typically in the infrared and visible light ranges) and then reemitted into the body with modified wavelengths. This energy is then able to reach more deeply into the tissue due to the increased refraction and light scattering properties of the minerals in Celliant than it would have otherwise. In the tissue, the energy vasodilates blood vessels and allows more oxygenated blood flow to reach poorly circulating areas. The increased blood flow and tissue oxygen levels help muscles and joints combat stiffness, soreness and edema caused by aging, injury or arthritis. Products containing Celliant have no adverse effects as they work directly with the body to enable it to be more effective and as such can be used continually. All products are made in the USA. The Draper Canine Therapy Dog Wraps are machine washable and dryer safe. They are available in sizes S (3" x 5"), M (3" x 7"), L (4" x 9") and XL (4" x 10"). Wraps are sold in pairs. For canines who prefer to chew on fabric, it is recommended that Vetwrap be placed over the bandage to allow for a more secure fit. Always consult your veterinarian before treating your canine companion.

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