DeNiro Leuca Field Boot

$699.99 $750.00

DeNiro Leuca Field Boots feature a zipper that follows a beautiful and functional "S" curve, wrapping around your leg from top to bottom, back to front. This unique design leaves your entire calf free for seamless contact with your horse.  All DeNiro Boots are made with grain calfskin leather inside and out. Every boot undergoes the unique Water Resistant Advanced Treatment (WRAT) for the leather sole as well as the outside leather. The treated leather still retains its breathability, allowing sweat to escape, while preventing outside water from seeping in. Activated Carbon Insoles have a natural antibacterial action, while the mid-sole is made of natural leather and has a high sweat absorbent power keeping your feet clean and dry. Vibram anti-slip outer soles keep your feet secure in the stirrups, even in the worst weather. All zippers are made and guaranteed by YKK. Made in Italy. 

Price: $699 (MSRP $750)

Sizes: US 5-11

Calf sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Height: Short, standard, extra tall, extra extra tall

DeNiro boots will drop 1 ½ cm to 2 cm.  Please take this into consideration when ordering.  Please allow 8-12 weeks for delivery although most boots arrive MUCH faster.  No returns.  Exchanges for size only.  Boots must be in original packaging and the buyer is responsible for shipping both ways.

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