CWD Saddle Cover


Sold Out

A newly conceived saddle cover with the CWD colors. This innovative cover has an ingenious slit on each side with a flap, specially designed for the stirrups to pass through. It enables riders to ride whatever the weather conditions, as this case protects the leather. The shape of the cover has been cut back as far as possible towards the withers for it to follow the edge of the saddle and avoid getting in the way of both the withers and the numnah. This item ideally protects the saddle with its waterproof outer materiel and fleece lining for the greater comfort of the rider.

Some still have tags and others do not. They all could have some horse hair or a little dirt here and there from being used for pics on demo saddles.

BRAND NEW! Hurry - limited supply! One size fits all.. NEW WITHOUT TAGS.

Retail price on the CWD website $90 + tax + shipping. Our price: $75!

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