ON TRIAL - 2011 Antares 16.5" 1 Flaps 4.5" Tree FULL CALF CC


** ON TRIAL - to be put on the wait list please email rachel@iselltack.com. Thanks! **

2011 16.5" Antares featuring upgraded, grippy full calf! 1 flaps which look more like 1A flaps to me and a 4.5" tree which will fit some of the larger horses and more narrow horses with good half pads. The 1 flaps measure 13" long by 13.5" wide. Front and rear blocks. Grippy, comfy and secure! Sells with ISellTack.com saddle cover. A well made French saddle that is super comfortable and classic. Price - WAS $3,475, Now $3,225.  Don't miss out - this is an awesome price on a classic french saddle! Trial available. Serial number is 11 334. rachel@iselltack.com

From the Antares website: The Antarès jump saddle is designed for the the sport, integrating all the technology and performance asked for by the top riders. Soft leather coupled with a design which offers a perfect comfort to the horse as well as the rider. When well-maintained, an Antarès saddle will last a lifetime. 


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