CJ's Story

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The Story of CJ Millar, and how horses and online marketing became her life

Since the age of 3, CJ was obsessed with horses. All she ever wanted was a pony of her own, and every birthday and Christmas list had a pony on it. She started taking lessons at the age of 5, and all her pony-ride dreams came true! She learned to ride both English and Western, and as soon as she was old enough, she was accepted into the advanced riding program at her Girls Scount Camp, called "Tally Ho!"

Camp was the highlight of her summer, and during the school year, she spent her time taking out trail rides at a local farm, and doing whatever she could to get as much time in the saddle as possible.  Eventually, at the age of 16, when a friend moved away and could no longer afford their horse, CJ was able to finally have a horse of her own.  Nevada Bailey was his name, and he was an opinionated Quarter Horse that became her best friend.

After high school, CJ decided to pursue her love of horses in the form of an Equestrian Degree at Centenary College.  After her time there, she took her primary college horse Perfect Timing aka "Bobby" with her, and they moved to MD to ride and compete.  Eventually CJ realized that if she wanted to have more than 2 horses (and by all means, she did!), that shifting gears to work in marketing may be a good solution.  The internet was just becoming big, and was poised to be a key game changer for e-commerce, and the whole world. So CJ took the leap and made online marketing her full time job, with riding as her full time love.

Over the years, CJ has settled into a wonderful role in the online marketing world, as well as becoming well known in equestrian circles.  She presently owns a horse farm, where she keeps her 7 horses, and trains some of her clients and their horses on the weekends through the TLC Stables riding club.  When not working online, you can find CJ out competing - from hunter paces to trail riding, jumper shows and camping trips, she's always out and about.

Her herd presently consists of Sky's the Limit, an OTTB and hunt cup winner of the Ronald Stearns Pereptual Trophy and Virginia Martin Hunt Cup; Duke, her Clydesdale/TB cross eventer and dressage horse; Ridge, her off track Arabian and trail and camping horse galore (they were a finalist in the America's Favorite Trail Horse competition, and have even crossed the Hudson River!);, Opal, Sky's full sister and approved and proven Oldenburg NA mare who competes in just about any discipline you ask of her; October Dynasty "Lucky," her not-so-lucky retired OTTB (old back injury); and her two babies, 2009 Old NA gelding Magnificent 8 "Max," out of Opal, by the great Mannhattan, and Logan's Run, an auction "surprise" (we think) QH foaled in April of 2010.

Sky's the Limit:






Max (with Opal) & Logan:

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