Jin Stirrup Collection

WILDKART is a dynamic, 15 year old company, based in Italy. They produce the “best of the best” for several industries but fell in love with creating innovative products for the equestrian sport. From the basis of creating exemplary, high quality items, JIN STIRRUP was formed. JIN STIRRUP is been known for their elegant and revolutionary stirrups, loved by the champions for its overtime grip, which allows a safe and comfortable ride (GOLD MEDAL 2008 OLYMPIC GAMES). These stirrups are very popular in Europe and Canada. The quality and the security are second to none. The materials used by WILDKART are carefully selected, certified and produced in the European community according to the highest qualitative standards. WILDKART uses a complex process to manufacture their products obtaining every single piece from an aluminum billetta and they use the latest, state of the art, digitally controlled machines for precise craftsmanship. From this complex process an excellence product arises for the most demanding and careful sportsman. These products will allow you to have a competitive edge whether you are an amateur just starting out or a seasoned professional.

Ask about getting your name laser engraved on your irons and/or your spurs! Check out the Icona helmet too! 


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