Harmohn Kraft

A little bit about Harmohn Kraft from their website:

Finest Bridlework on the Globe.

Harmohn Kraft is more than 25 years old, started by Raj Mohan, a saddle maker by profession. We have our own manufacturing and do only upscale products which include Bridle work for Hunt, Jump, Dressage, Endurance, Racing and Polo. Also Belts for Men and Women, Collars/equipment for Dogs, cats and other accessory items. Most of our products are made from American Hides.

Our name brands include: Americana, Aristo-Kraft, Aramas, Regal and Harmohn Kraft. We take pride in our work, doing excellent job producing items of Ultra High Standard only. Our Specialty is Small Details. We only use high standard material which also includes mostly our own made hardware.

Our Goal: Perfection 
Our Commitment: Excellence 



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