Being Haunted (By Bad Breeches...) October 31 2013, 1 Comment

It's Halloween, and no one really likes being haunted, but today's a day we can admit just what it is that haunts us.  Ghosts, the ever-scary plastic bag, whatever it may be, being haunted is what Halloween is all about.  That's why I'm admitting to you guys that I'm haunted by my very old, wearing out breeches and need your help! 

The 2013 show season just wrapped up, and for those of us who don't have the time/money to head to FL for the winter show circuit (or out west), the 2014 season kicks off this coming weekend.  The weather this autumn has been amazing, with crisp air and tons of sunshine, and we couldn't be enjoying it more!  On a personal level, my jumper ended the year on a stellar note, and my one student that started showing again this year did great as well, and we're looking forward to starting the new season.  It's too long of a story to relay here, but for anyone who's struggled with a challenging horse, I did blog about our story on my personal blog, if you care to read it. I warn you, it's long.

That said, it's a new show season and we've been spending more time riding than I have in ages, thanks to Feb's successful knee surgery (ACL/cartilage rebuild). The good news is, between me and my horses and my friends, I've been able to hunter pace, horse show, and fox hunt regularly.   The bad news is that means my breeches and my horse's jumping boots both leave something to be desired. For boots, I event/hunter pace in a relatively new set of SMB V-Techs that we upgraded to in spring of 2014, and I've been incredibly happy with, but I prefer open fronts for the jumper ring.  I had a set of Veredus original gel boots that I loved that finally bit the dust after many many year, btu when I bought them I realized I actually bought 2 full sets.  I think my original intention was 1 set for schooling and 1 set to show in, but I rarely use boots to school, and this was our first actual, successful show season, so I forgot about the other set. Yay for cleaning the tack room? LOL.

Breeches, however, are another problem entirely.  I have yet to find a pair I really love that fit well, stay dry and wick-away, and still manage to look good. I sweat a lot and easily (thank you thyroid issues) so I prefer something that is wick away, because the most common problem I have is the seat staining from my saddle dye.  I hate it (such a great look in pictures!), so definitely need to keep that in mind.  In addition, I'm also pretty curvy, with a relatively small-ish waist, bigger hips, and a butt like a Quarter Horse (funny, but true lol).  Most Tailored Sportsmen's don't fit me, and if the breeches don't have stretch, don't even bother.  Front zip seem to fit better/lay flatter than side zip on me. And other than that, I'm the master of getting drooled on, slobbered on, and like I said, saddle stains on.  Anything that is stain resistant would be amazing!

So what breeches do you guys use that are durable, comfortable, and good for shows while still being wick-away and stain resistant? I'd love to hear all of your opinions!  I also am in the market for new gloves (my SSG ones that I love keep giving out) and of course I want to talk about the DeNiro Boots (currently on sale right here by the way!).  They are just TO DIE FOR! Has anyone else tried a pair yet?  What do you think?

Post your feedback in the comments and help me find new show breeches please! (Can you guess what's going on the Christmas list?)

Thanks, you guys are the best, and Happy Halloween!