The Oh S#*t Moment September 04 2013, 0 Comments

You know, that moment. The one.  The one where everything changes.  The moment where you know what you thought was going to happen next, isn't what's happening.  Yeah, that.

That's what happened to me this week.  You see, in addition to working on this awesome site with Rachel, and getting to write and manage blogs for you guys to read, and review saddles and all that fun stuff, I actually had a day job.  The kind that paid the bills and the horse habit, including horse shows and fox hunting and all that good stuff.  Until yesterday.

 Back from a great horseback riding vacation (more on that later, with pictures, I promise!) and a holiday weekend, it was back to the daily grind.  Or so I thought.  And then I got that phone call that changed everything.  We're downsizing, budgets are tight, and well you know the drill.  Even when it's not personal, let's face it, getting laid off still sucks!  So rather than go into a full fledged panic, I took a deep breath and thought, hey, maybe this will be a good opportunity to take the chance at combining what I do with what I love - digital marketing with the horse world.  It sounds good on paper at least, right?  Right!

That was yesterday, and here I am today blogging about it and reaching out to you, our lovely readers, for input and advice.  I would love nothing more than to build a portfolio of clients in the horse world and help them with their digital marketing to grow their businesses and success so that they could, in turn, grow their horse habit and spend more time doing what they love, too.  And of course, with horse people there are dog people (ask me about Pack, the new social site for dogs and how to get your private invite!), and cat people (yup, I'm one of those too), and outdoorsy people (got me again).  Why not come together and offer a way to network, and help market the things I love to people who own and manage companies that do/sell/promote the things I love and love to do?  

So I am asking all of you to share my contact information with anyone you know that owns a tack shop, a horse farm, an animal-focused or themed apparel company, camping gear, hiking stuff, pet boutiques, and more.  If anyone you know needs any sort of digital marketing help (it's okay if they're not animal-focused too, some of my best clients are from traditional companies), please send them my way.  And if any of them sign on with me, I'll give you a free saddle pad if Rachel let's me. Oh heck, I'll buy you an saddle pad haha!  Here's more info about the "day job" version of me: 

CJ Millar
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant
Making a Digital Difference!
(973) 626.3673


Of course you know what else this means, right?  It means that if you guys find bugs, errors, issues, or anything else such as comments and feedback on this site, message me at and I promise I'll work on it for you!

Oh, and one last thing. I want to hear your "Oh S#*t Moments!"  Whether it's a big one like mine, or something like missing that distance, getting dumped in the mud, getting bucked off the greenie, share your oh s#*t moments in the comments and let's make this go from a bad oh s#*t moment to a great one!  Rock on! 

Thanks guys, you're the best!