Product review: Animo breeches with the Animo Gripping System July 01 2013, 8 Comments

MSRP: $399, as tested: $299, size: 42 (I am a 28/30 in Tailored Sportsmans)

The second that I pulled these Animo breeches ( on I knew they were made of fine, high quality material. They felt amazing going on and I really, really wanted them to fit me, but alas, I needed to lose some curves in order to fit into these bad boys.  The breeches themselves looked SO cool - like I could throw on a cute top and a pair of heels and go to a club.  It was strange, they were snug (a little TOO snug) around my hips and rear end, yet were baggy around my calves.  It did not make sense to me but nonetheless that is how they fit.  Sadly, these breeches did not make it out of my house.  I would prefer to buy 2 pairs of well fitting, Tailored Sportsman breeches versus 1 pair of these.  Maybe if I lose the junk in my trunk I will revisit these as they did feel incredible to wear and I have a feeling once those grippers on the breeches come in contact with anything, you are sticking like a fly on fly paper.

How about you?  What are your favorite breeches?