A Day In The Life: Equestrian Apparel to Love, by Stacy Bromley Cheetham July 09 2013, 2 Comments

I have always prided myself on rooting out bargain deals and great small businesses to buy from, and many of my friends now me as something of a "deal shopper." For the past eight months, with my horse out on full lease, my shopping focus has shifted away from his needs and onto other horse-related companies so that I could stay involved, but not with tack and equipment. This is how I came across Oliver Green Belts and Phyllis Stein Equestrian Apparel. 

In this age of constant connectivity, I first became aware of both through Facebook contacts. However, the proof is truly in the pudding as they say and, with both of their products, you absolutely get proof when you receive their items. Both companies are small, women-owned businesses; Oliver Green in based in the US and Phyllis Stein in Canada. The owners are sweet, fantastic to work with, will customize anything, and responsive to customer needs. I am big on customer service! 

Oliver Green Belts makes, not surprisingly, fabric belts. However, what sets these apart from the rest is one, quality and two, that they DO.NOT.SLIDE. When I ride now, these are the only belts I wear - and they come in literally hundreds of prints. I probably own over 20, and I have dragged several barn-mates into the OG obsession with me - the price point is fantastic, and the product is top quality.

Phyllis Stein makes tee-shirts. However, she makes tees that are soft, fit great, wash well, and best of all - feature quirky, horse-related sayings on them and are limited edition. One of her more recent, "I saw the long spot," surrounded by brown splotch on a pretty blue tee - well, only a rider can get a kick out of that! All of her tees are fun like that and I also love that they are long enough to cover my midriff - something those of us over 30 appreciate! 

Highly recommended by a frequent, loyal customer - check them out! I ride in both of these companies' items regularly and they hold up. If that isn't a recommendation of quality, I don't know what is! www.olivergreenonline.com and www.phyllisstein.com 


-- Stacy Bromley Cheetham


Thanks for the tip, Stacy! We'd love to hear from our readers, would you like to see us carry items by Oliver Green and Phyllis Stein? Based on the feedback we get from the comments, we'd certainly consider reaching out to both brands and seeing if we would be able to add them to the ISellTack.com website.  Interested? Let us know in the comments!