A Day In The Life: A Toast to the Hard Working Adult Ammy's, by Staci Love July 01 2013, 0 Comments

Staci Love is an amateur adult USEFrider in Savannah, GA who works M-F 9-6 to support her horse habit.  Like so many of us, we do what we do all day, so that we can ride our horses whenever we're not at the "day job".  I know that I am in the same boat (CJ), and while I wish I was an ammy, a B.S. in Equestrian Studies and my own boarding and small weekend warrior lesson program officially makes me a "pro" (on paper at least). Ha! There's a reason we stick to the schooling shows, and keep it low key and fun.

So here's a toast to Staci, and to all the amazing amateurs out there who work so hard to be a part of the sport they love.  Congrats on your first show, Staci, and best wishes for many more to come!  Happy Monday!


I am an Adult Amateur.  Not one of those adult amateurs that has access to an unlimited checkbook, and spends their day bumming around the barn in their fabulous riding attire and riding their many fabulous horses (at least, in my fantasy world, that’s what all the non-working Adult Ammys do).  I’m one of those Adult Amateurs that works from 9-6 on Monday – Friday to support a riding habit. One of those Adult Amateurs that gets to a show and thinks, “I really need to win so I can pay for this weekend…” I am sure there are many other Adult Amateurs out there like me.

On a weekday, I have two options if I want to ride:

  1. Pep talk to get out of bed at 4:45, dress, leave for barn at 5:00, arrive at barn at 5:30, on the horse by 6. Off the horse by 7, leave barn by 7:30, arrive back home by 8, shower, leave for work at 8:20.  20 minutes! That’s all I have to shower and get ready for work.  Luckily my hair dries quickly, so I can forego the blow dry, and my work environment is casual, so I don’t have to put much effort in there either.

  2. Leave work at 6, get to the barn at 7, on the horse by 7:30. Off the horse at 8:30, leave the barn by 9.  Home around 9:30. Skip dinner because who wants to make dinner that late anyway. Fall into bed.

But I make it work.  I get to the barn as often as I can, and with the help of my fabulous trainer, we have managed to take my 6 year old to his first show as a jumper to Championships in the Low Child/AAs, and now we’re moving into the High Child/AA jumpers.  All of that in an exhausting 6 months!

I know my story isn’t outrageous. I know there’s plenty of other Adult Amateurs out there who have done just the same things that I have, with the same amount of time. So here’s to you, all you hard working AA’s who wake up at 4:45 and drag yourself out of bed to ride, then fall asleep in your cubes.  Here’s to all the AA’s who skip dinner on a regular basis. For all the sacrifices you make in order to compete: you deserve a blue ribbon!