A Day In The Life: Lexi Wilson June 15 2013, 1 Comment

Welcome to our first guest post, written by Lexi Wilson, of Texas.  We hope you enjoy her story and keep checking back for more blogs from our great readers.  To submit your own guest post, simply email us at info@iselltack.com for a chance to be published right here on the I Sell Tack.com blog!



Hey everyone! My name is Lexi Wilson and this is my contest entry.

My plans for the weekend were originally to go watch the Waco, Texas horse show at the heart of Texas coliseum, but I have to get medical treatments done today, so I'm going to be doing that instead. My last horse show was great! I showed my new greenie (i dont own him, my trainer gave him to me to train and show) and he is a 5 year old Hanoverian gelding named Gesan HFH. We showed in greens, modified children's, and schooling, which resulted in 3 seconds, two thirds, a fourth, and a first. Our winning class was modified Eq over fences, a second in modified hack U/S, and another second in modified Eq on the flat, and greens hunter ll. Overall it was a wonderful day and Gesan was fantastic at the show! He hasn't been to very many, but he behaved himself very well and found most of his distances and 90% of his lead changes. I'm very proud of him.

Now to talk about some of my favorite equestrian products.  My favorite grooming products that I absolutely love are a sheepskin mitt that I use on Gesan after a bath, and the whole Oster collection of brushes & grooming supplies. I have purchased a Circuit fancy stitched padded bridle & it looks very nice on Gesan. I also have a Crown fancy stitched raised martingale that I love.  The leather is incredibly soft and supple and it fits very nicely.  In addition, another recent purchase is a Dri-flex fleece girth and I do have to say it is amazing!  

As for my own riding gear, I have always felt that The Tailored Sportsman breeches are the best by far. I want a pair in every color! I already have bark, tan, 50 shades of gray, and blue jeans. I'm tall and skinny so it's impossible to find breeches that fit, those are the only breeches that have ever fit me, and they fit like a glove.  Not only are they long enough & not too baggy, but they are so comfortable that I could live and sleep in them, and to top it all off, they are also very flattering.  A must have in any rider's wardrobe in my opinion.  Thank you for reading, and happy riding!


Lexi Wilson