A Day In The Life: A Call For Guest Bloggers! June 14 2013, 0 Comments

We are kicking off the summer with a new series of blogs, called "A Day In The Life" and are looking for guest bloggers! What are your plans for the weekend? How was your last horse show? What latest grooming product or brush do you now swear by? Have you purchased any tack recently that you cannot live without? Any new breeches that are comfy and flattering? Did you and your horse have a breakthrough of some sort?  We want to hear about a day in your life, and share it with all of our great readers and fans.

If you are interested in submitting a post for consideration in publication in the "A Day In The Life" blog series on ISellTack.com, please email us with the subject line: Guest Blogger. Everyone who submits a blog to us will be entered into winning a nice prize (TBD) and your blog could be featured on our FB page and website! Simply email your article to info@iselltack.com, and include a short bio about who you are and what you do (in the horse world) and we'll include that info in your introduction to your guest post.

Please note that by submitting a blog post, you agree to let ISellTack.com use your name, any images you provide, and your submitted writings on the I Sell Tack.com blog, website, and any related social networks managed by Rachel Schaeffer and ISellTack.com.  The ISellTack.com staff reserves the right to edit any submitted content prior to publishing and by submitting content you agree to have your guest post edited without additional approval.  All authors will be credited in the original blog post.  Thank you.