Test Ride in Royal Riders May 10 2013, 0 Comments

Okay, so she did it. Rachel convinced me to hang up my Compositi Reflex stirrups and test ride in a pair of Royal Rider of Italy Sport Flex stirrups.  I've got them here, staring at them, wondering how they will compare.  They feel sturdy yet flexible - a must for my still not healed from major surgery knee - and they will be on the Voltaire and going for a test ride tomorrow.  The real test, however, will be on the hunter pace on Sunday!  I'm also testing out my flexi-spurs which are black durable plastic composite of some sort, since my OTTB is incredibly sensitive to metal touching his skin (really, he will get hives and sores from metal anything!).  This should make for some very interesting rides this weekend.

Those of you that have the Royal Riders, which model do you have and what do you love / hate about them?  Anything you wish they could do or make or change about them?  And if you ride in another brand, I'd love to hear from you what brand you use and why.  Especially those of you with knee issues, as I've had 4 knee surgeries, including a full ACL reconstruction and cartilage repair/removal in both the right (2001) and left (2/7/13) knees.  So for me, the give and flex is extra important, but too flexible means unstable and that's as bad as not flexible at all.  Rachel assures me that these Royal Riders are the perfect blend of flex plus support, so I'll be sure to share my thoughts after the weekend.

And for now, comment away! I want to hear from you! 

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.  For tonite, I'm off to the Rodeo!