Top 10 Tack & Equipment I Can't Live Without April 09 2013, 18 Comments

Good morning, all! I hope everyone on the East Coast (and everywhere) is enjoying this lovely weather, and getting a chance to ride as spring finally kicks in.  Things here at I Sell are good, we just got the Back On Track sale scheduled, our first email went out, and we're doing a great giveaway of two Back On Track saddle pads just for signing up for our email list.  Really, it's that simple! (Enter by simply going to our home page and entering your email at the bottom where it says "sign up for our newsletter.")

As I go through all the tack I've accumulated over the years and do some spring cleaning, there's a few items that I just could not live without.  I thought I'd share these with you and take a moment to hear from all of you on your "must haves" for every ride.

  1. My Voltaire saddle - okay let's face it, when it comes to saddles, the French do it best (at least in my opinion!) and that's why we specialize in French used saddles!

  2. ThinLine saddle pad - I am recovering from knee surgery and have a bad back, and whether you prefer the ThinLine or the Ultra ThinLine, nothing beats the protection this gives for my horse in case I am crooked, or my back in case he bucks. 

  3. Back On Track saddle pad - coupled with the ThinLine, this is the best combination I've ever used on my horse, he loves them both! (For a really great combo, check out the Contender II saddle pad by Back On Track - I'm old school and had bought them separately but will definitey consider upgrading during the BOT Sale!)

  4. Mattes half pad - what can I say, my one horse has an obsession with saddle pads (he may take after me...)! When we're out on a hunt or have a long day of jumping ahead of us, the BOT/ThinLine combo pad coupled with the Mattes half pad makes him a happy happy boy... and yes I know when it comes to saddle pads, less is more, but no one told my OTTB that.  My other horses are all minimalists, I promise!

  5. Compositi Reflex Irons - okay, I'll admit it. These are my cheap-o knockoffs of the Royal Riders, but I love them.  Since we're now carrying RR's at, Rachel is trying to convince me to finally make the switch... what do you think?

  6. Mikimar LeTixerant Girth w/Stud Guard - worth every penny (if you ask me or my horse), but incredibly hard to find.  After 8 years of hard riding, fox hunting and showing, mine is finally wearing out.  Got a good alternative to suggest?

  7. GPA Helmet - do I really need to say why? I've never met someone who had a GPA that didn't love it!

  8. A 5-point Breastplate - looking for a new one. Had an Ovation and it was decent for the price, but only lasted a season (we ride hard!), and in the market for a new one.  I can't live without this, so if anyone has any suggestions, please share!

  9. Riding Gloves - some people love them, some people hate them, and I can't ride without them!  I have tried all kinds from the SSG crochet back, to Ovations, and more.  Like the breastplate, I'm looking for suggestions here for this season, because while I can't live without riding gloves, I haven't found a brand/pair that are just to die for yet.  Has anyone tried the Back On Track riding gloves?  Given my BOT obsession, this may be my next move.

  10. My Back On Track knee brace - did I mention I just had major knee reconstruction? Surgery #4 on my knees at that, and my 3rd one on the left knee.  ACL reconstruction, cartiliage repair, and a whole lot of cleaning up in there, and I was on my horse pain-free in just 3 weeks post-op.  Two other friends that had similar surgeries a month prior to me still aren't in the saddle, and they're 3 MONTHS post-op! Can't live without this, in or out of the saddle!

So there you have it - my top 10 can't live or ride without items.  I'm looking for suggestions, and would love to hear from you!  What are your favorites? Share in the comments below and sign up for our newsletter, and we'll make sure to add you to that Back On Track giveaway for a free saddle pad!

Happy Riding!