Cleaning and conditioning tack February 09 2013, 0 Comments

Many of my friends and customers have asked me what me secret is to my tack looking so good for my pictures.  I really don't have any secrets or some secret potion .. I just use some good products and elbow grease. 

I first start off with a good cleanser - depending on the leather (and my mood) I use Effax, JM Saddlery or Royal Saddle Soap.  Sometimes I use a soft bristled brush to help scrub away that tough to remove dirt.

Then I condition it - sometimes I use Effax leather balm (I like this stuff because it makes the leather a little tacky and I personally need al the stick that I can get) or JM Saddlery leather conditioner.  Both products give the leather a really nice look/glow.

Depending on the condition of the leather, I sometimes may use the Effax leather oil, as well.

If I am feeling froggy I may use a metal/silver polisher for the buttons and the D rings.

Oh yeah and I'm obsessed with tack, so I really enjoy making it look its best - it could also mean the difference between an average looking picture and a great looking portrayal.

P.S. I'm new at this blogging thing, this is a new website and there is no spell check that I can see on this blogging feature of my site (I'm sure there is, but I cannot find it) soooo, please forgive any spelling errors!