Perfect Polos November 04 2014, 0 Comments

No really, they're perfect. The Draper Perfect Polos that is. Recently I purchased a pair of these for my horse Sky who is rehabilitating from damage suffered to both hind suspensories. He's had hyperbaric oxygen treatment at Clermont Farms, been rehabilitating in his Draper Recovery Wraps and Draper Stable Sheet to stay comfortable while on limited turnout and exercise, using his Equiflexsleeves (love them!) on days he's not wrapped (or under his wraps on really sore days), and we recently were able to start some more turnout in a small paddock and light work (ponying for the most part).

He's had his hind legs injected twice with a serum that my vet, Dr. Spinks uses specifically to help heal soft tissue damage, and so far it seems to be working. He's walking sound and trotting almost sound in the paddock, light years better than he was back in early summer/late spring when he was first diagnosed with the issues. However when it came to starting some focused exercise, I wanted to be sure that he had the support he needed.

I tried the Ventech SMBs that we usually use when hunter pacing and out in the hunt field, but they created too much heat and irritated his legs. I tried jumping boots, but they weren't enough support or protection for this fragile stage of his rehab as we start to add some workload back into his regimen. And I tried regular polos but they just wouldn't stay put since he's got a very exaggerated walk when he's first wrapped (typical silly horse!) and still has some irregularities to his gait. I needed to find something that would offer support without creating heat, and stay put for when we went on walks.

Voila! Perfect polos! I can't tell you enough how much I love them. I am addicted. I've introduced them to my friend who owns and races Standardbreds, and she loves them too. They are essentially a combination of the famous Saratoga track bandages with Celliant from Draper to keep circulation going while offering superior support. They are all that and a bag of chips!

I've been using them regularly for any horse that tends to stock up that needs the support in work, and they've worked like a charm. For this stage in what we are doing, especially with Sky, it makes a lot of sense to use these polos to help progress, and reduce the chance of any setbacks as we reintroduce some gradual work. It will be a long, slow process that we're taking throughout the winter and into 2015 to bring him back to a full recovery, and this is the first big step in a while. After this, we'll be using our Majyk Equipe boots as he gets ready for more consistent work and to start over fences post-winter, and the goal is that by April/May he'll be back to near full capacity and ready to start rolling in the hunt field and doing some low-level jumpers for the summer.

Wish us luck - it's a long slow road, but we couldn't be happier with the Perfect Polos! Have a product you absolutely love and swear by? Let us know in the comments below!

We're really looking forward to being back out in the hunt fields come spring! You can read more about Sky's story and the Rehabilitate & Recover program he's a part of on the Draper Blog.