What is the difference in how a forward flap seats you? October 15 2014, 0 Comments

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I currently have a Pessoa which Im pretty sure is not forward flap and I like it. What is the difference in how a forward flap seats you? Also I was looking at the Devoucoux you sent yesterday but it says the flap is long and I'm only 5'5 so I was concerned it wouldn't fit well.
Hi Amelia .. 5'5 should be ok in a 3 flap. The question will be if you need a forward 3 flap, or not. The forward flap may or may not seat you differently .. it depends on the angle of your leg and if you can ride in a forward flap without you getting into a chair seat. Some trainers like their riders to NOT be in a forward flap if they have a habit of pushing their leg out too far in front of them. The regular flap can sometimes help you to keep your leg under you. Can you send a pic of yourself sitting in your saddle from the side? I would be happy to let you know what flap I think would be worth a try. rachel@iselltack.com. Thanks!
P.S. I ride in a forward flap. ;)

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