Friday Funny Dressage Fail September 26 2014, 0 Comments

Last week was pretty incredible. I was lucky enough to end up with press passes for the Central Park Horse Show, had exclusive seats in the press box which included press conference access, and catered meals all weekend, and the chance to talk to some really great people. I was also able to go behind the scenes, and talk to riders, competitors, coaches, and horsemen in the stall area, and even got to meet the great Ravel, who came out of retirement just for this show! All in all, it was a pretty amazing experience. NYC's own Georgina won the Grand Prix, and the speed rounds were fin and exciting as well.

Sure, there were some glitches, and hiccups, but overall things went pretty smoothly. Aside from being incredibly tired by Saturday thanks to running back and forth to NYC for several days in a row, it was exciting just to be there. By Saturday, despite really wanting to stay to see the Dressage Challenge, I was far too exhausted. We didn't get a hotel because our press passes were confirmed so late in the week (Wednesday evening for Thursday's show!), so I wound up driving back and forth from about 2h out. Not too bad, except for the show ended around 11PM each night, and we had press events and matinees starting at 9AM the following day. That doesn't leave a whole lot of room for sleep.

So I decided to settle for browsing around the barns, hanging out with my friend and her daughter who were there riding in the matinees in the Pony Club Games exhibition, and chatting with some of the competitors. I got to meet Guy McLean, and see his show, which was amazing. He let me pet his horses, and we got some great pictures of him. What an incredible guy, and great horseman! And then I got to my massive #dressagefail. 

In looking for where Ravel was stalled for a shameless selfie with the great horse, I happened upon some lovely German ladies. I introduced myself and asked which stall Ravel was in and if I could say hi. The said sure, pointed the horse out in the stall that very clearly had his name on it (doh!) and I got my friend to snap a picture. Yay!

Then I noticed a tack trunk with Isabell Werth's name on it next to me. Oooh! I am a huge fan, and her performance at the World Cup in 2006 on Satchmo is one of my all time favorites (if you haven't seen it, you definitely should!).

I oogle for a moment, then comment to my friend, that Isabell is here, and I have only seen her on TV and YouTube and probably wouldn't recognize her if I was standing right next to her. We smile and turn to walk away and thank the German ladies that pointed out Ravel for me, and wish them a good show.

Wait a second...

Blonde hair, freckles, speaks German.

Sitting across from Isabell's tack locker, with the locker opened.


And I asked her about Steffen Peters' mount, Ravel. Her former competition. 


Pretty sure that Isabell was one of the two ladies I was speaking to, that so graciously pointed out Ravel to me. And it didn't click until after I walked away. So, Isabell - if that was you, I am so embarrassed and I hope I at least gave you a good laugh! I am, after all, a Hunter/Jumper rider at heart! #Dressagefail

Happy Friday!
CJ (and Ravel of course)