Tack Cleaning Tips From Our Fans! September 17 2014, 1 Comment

We asked our fans on Facebook to share their tack cleaning secrets. Do you have anything to add? Comment below!

I Sell Tack.com How do you keep your leather tack looking its best? Comment below with your own tips, the products you use and anything else you want to share. We will be writing a blog on our tips for caring for leather. Your tips could be included!

Kellie Regan Horsemans one step or leather new as a daily care product and a couple times a year I olive oil. For new tack I strip in with ammonia and then olive oil

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Matthew Lawson BTW- My favorite everyday leather product is the Moss Lavender Saddle Soap, it smells good and really keeps the leather soft and from drying out.

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Matthew Lawson I ride in tall boots all the time, my biggest tip to keep them looking great is to waterproof them with mink oil (the wax kind that comes in a tin) every few months. I don't worry if I have to walk in wet grass etc. It keeps the leather from cracking around the seams etc.

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I Sell Tack.com Wow, these are great tips!!

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Susan Jansen Auten I've tried it all. ADORE Higher Standards Leather Carefrom Libby Fletcher Henderson. No residue, no ick... easily to use and leaves all leather in top shape.

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Sasha Suskind Moran I use Higher Standards Leather Care for my Voltaire and LOVE the stuff! I use the Vanilla and Lavender soap daily and it smells wonderful. I use their leather balm once a month!

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Chrissy Francies For old, dry, brittle leather I like to wipe it with a warm damp cloth, then clean with glycerin soap, and then soak in a bucket of warmed pure neatsfoot oil (no compound - it will eat some leather - not worth the risk) for a day. Then you squeeze off ...See More

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Kris Waikins Higher standards soap and balm. Love it. Wipe tack off with soap after ever use and balm when needed for extra conditioning.

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Trish Barsby Higher Stadards soap and conditioner. Tried it out the begining of the year and love it.

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Libby Fletcher Henderson Aw, you guys are so nice! It makes me all kinds of happy that you like our products!!!

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Lindsey Rockwood A very long time ago, we had a trainer at my farm who used Murphy's oil soap to clean her leather tack.. I thought that was crazy, but her tack always looked so sharp. I started using it, and it works AMAZING. It's like a cleaner and a conditioner in one!

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I Sell Tack.com Abby Reinhardt! Message us your address! The electric toothbrush is a unique and incredible idea!!!

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Abby Reinhardt First I wipe everything down with a damp cloth to get any dust and loose dirt off. Then I use a glycerin based goats milk soap (I use a electrical toothbrush for laced reins!!!). Then I condition with Passier Lederbasalm. It smells like candy, and it makes old leather look like new! Then after I condition, I always let my tack sit overnight before I use it to let it soak in the conditioners!

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Shelby Hammond Wipe with water instead of saddle soap and then use a waxy balm instead of oil. Such as effax balm, Makes It Soft AND dark

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Allie Crowell Voltaire leather products. OMG they are heaven

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Lyndsay Long Boot shield is amazing makes leather soft supple and clean

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Chelsea Gill I really like the Carr Day & Martin glycerin bar. It keeps everything soft and shiny and I love the way it smells. I use it on my saddle and bridle after about every ride.

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Jennifer Akin Lanolin and Murphy's!!

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Tara Hawk White vinegar on a damp cloth will remove any stains or built up gunk bout once a week....then condition w leather therapy or murphys oil soap

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Laura McMann Mahoney Love Leather Honey -http://www.leatherhoney.com/

Best Leather Conditioner & Cleaner | Leather Honey


Leather Honey is considered the best leather conditioner by users since 1968. Le...See More

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Cheyenne Crawford Wipe with warm wet wash cloth to get off grime, then use Warmed vegetable oil applied via brush, then let it soak in sunlight. Next time you get on its soft and supple and we have saddles that are 100-200 years old that look brand new through this method. Occasional saddle soap using, but depending on how often we oil. More you oil, less saddle soap you need

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Kari Schnell Sweetman Glycerine soap after each ride and Lederbalsam once a week. For new bridles, martingales and girths Neatsfoot oil till the leather is soft.

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Laura Heit Recently started using leather therapy and I love it! Lexol was ruining my bridles.

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Jeris Ann Nigh I use the Foxy Pony leather balm and soap! Does wonders! She has a Facebook page if anyone's interested. Keeps my cheapest tack looking nice and my better tack even better!

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Sara Kate Murphy oil soap mixed with water

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Suzanne Clarke Oakwood cleaner and conditioner. I haven't tried their oil yet, but you can bet I will the next time I have a new piece of tack to break in.

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Emily Wilson Glycerine soap and lexol and occasionally a leather balsam

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Ema QG The old stubben soap jars. Love it! I get it sent from England from my aunts.

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Rabea Norton You'll think I'm crazy but I love olive oil. For old and new tack

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