Let's Talk Jumping Boots September 12 2014, 1 Comment

From Veredus to Eskadron, classic leather to high tech carbon fiber, and everything in between, there is no shortage of jumping boots on the market today. Everyone seems to have their preference with the eq riders preferring classic leather and fleece, cross country riders wanting lightweight and cool, and jumpers wanting strong and protective. Whatever your discipline, we'd love to hear from you and your preference as we share ours (or mine..CJ here, hi!).

I just got back from a long weekend at AETA last month, and look at a ton of the best of the best when it comes to horse boots on the market today. I checked out the Veredus an their new options. Looked at Kentucky Products. Even the basics like LamiCell and the higher end options from Professional's Choice. But I kept coming back to Majyk Equipe.

Back in January I was given a pair of their new soon to be released Boyd Martin stadium boots, and fell in love. They were lightweight and ventilated (great for a horse that sweats a lot) while offering superior protection. Even better in my opinion was the lack of carbon as I try to stay away from it for its rigid properties and ability to shatter under extreme pressure or impact - neither are things I want anywhere near my horse's tendons. With an air panel strike pad that works much like an airbag in a car to absorb and diffuse nearly all of the shock of impact, I was sold. The Boyd Martins by Majyk Equipe became a godsend.

Then at Rolex, I realized my friend (and fellow ISellTack.com blogger) Shannon of Infinity Sport Horse was recently sponsored by ME. This past weekend at AETA, I got to speak with Michael, the owner, at more length and learn even more about the boots. The Series 2 boots are memory foam, and while that makes them a little heavier than the show version, it also offers a little more support and cushion. Their cross country boots have strike pads in the back of the front boots and the front of the hind boots to protect the horse's legs over the large fences, and the stadium boots have full fetlock coverage and even their Series 2 boots/schoolers come with options of full hind coverage or just inside brushing and impact coverage (I opted with the full coverage as my jumper is presently in rehab for hind suspensory issues).

I can't wait til Sky is back and we can test out the Series 2 boots and get back to riding together! Even better is the price point - priced lower than many other boots on the market, these are simply - at least in my opinion and experience with the stadium boots - the best boots on the market. I'd pay twice as much for them, I just love them that much and so does my horse! Don't worry though, you can buy them here for less than you thought ;) So what are your favorite jumping boots and why?

Ahhh...if only the boots made me jump like this!!!!

Happy riding!