Product Review: Half Pads | A Half Pad of a Different Color May 22 2014, 0 Comments

Half pads, similar to fashion, go through fads. Some of the pads that come into popularity do so for a reason. Others simply because someone of notice used one. Sometimes both of those reasons explain it. In my relatively short time riding (the last 14 years) there have been a few significant half pad trends. In no specific order we had "the" beval pad, gel pads, sheepskin pads, and now the era of shock absorption. 

The Beval pad was thick enough that you often lost the feeling of actually being on a horse. The cumbersome gel pads were absurdly heavy and totally killed any breathability. And sheepskin pads… Well there are the knock offs and then the two most prominent brands (that I can recall) Fleeceworks and my choice the Mattes pad. In recent years you might have seen the EcoGold, ThinLine, and my personal favorite - the Ogilvy Pad come into circulation. Let this commence my Ogilvy love fest. 

The Ogilvy Half Pad comes in various shapes, sizes, thickness, and densities. And lets not forget the colors!  Shapes: 

1) Jumper (longer/ wider drop - most commonly seen)

2) Hunter (relatively unseen - usually seen in white)

3) Dressage (similar to the Jump style in terms of visibility but shaped for a straight flap)

Small - Saddles 14"-16"
Regular - Saddles 16.5"-18"
Large - Saddles 18.5"-20.5"

Thickness/ Density:
1" Memory Foam
1 1/4" Memory Foam

Color: The possibilities really are endless. I can go on and on for days about this. My personal half pad is a very simple Navy Body, Black Binding, and White Piping. That said you can choose from a plethora of color combinations and the covers are removable and washable. Once you pop the fun don't stop? The Ogilvy Instagram is a super resource for exploring various color combo options!

Purpose: This pad is not only good for my horses back but it also decreases my back pain as well. I regularly used to experience excruciating pain when riding and always got off in pain. With my Ogilvy Half Pad I rarely suffer those pains and rarely get off and experience any of the back, hip, or knee pain like I used to. Recently I have been battling some back pain issues with my gelding as well and the Ogilvy has been a great short term solution while we wait for a new saddle. It fills in the places that need filling but compresses in the areas that fit. It doesn't drastically alter saddle fit (not the configuration I have anyways) but I love this pad so much for myself that I made sure that the new saddle would fit perfectly with my Ogilvy in the mix. 

Bottom line: Clearly I am a bit biased and I am sure that there are a lot of other fantastic options out there but I am 100% sold on the Ogilvy and would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend. That said this pad probably won't be for everyone. If you are needing to drastically change the way your saddle fits, while shimmable, the Ogilvy might not be the pad for you with more limited shim options. Otherwise I really do see this as a great option for most configurations. At $200 it is a little pricey but I personally have experienced nothing but exceptional customer service from the Ogilvy team and am now a loyal customer. 

Many thanks to Hilary H. of for her guest blog post on Ogilvy Half PadsHave a half pad or product you love? Tell us about it and you can be featured on our blog as well!