Horsefish May 15 2014, 0 Comments

As I mentioned in my last blog, it’s been a doozy of a few days, and weeks, with this week shaping up to be as hectic as last. Hopefully the 

headache will go away, and I can get on with blogging and posting more often! In the meantime, in addition to craziness at work, I am also dealing with achy knees thanks to this odd weather, and my one accident-prone OTTB slowly on the mend but still not as relaxed and loose as I’d like. When he's sound and we're both in show-shape, he's a beast in the show ring. But when he's not, well....he's not. Who hasn’t been there? And why does it always seem that this aches or that aches and we ignore it on ourselves while our horses get Draper Therapies wraps and blankets and sheets, chiropractic and massage (he gets it more than I do!), and everything else he needs until of course something like this happens. And then I’m forced to stop and take care of me, and now we can be on the mend together.

Enter Horsefish. What’s Horsefish, you ask? Good question. It’s actually Wellpride, an omega-3 supplement for horses that’s derived from high quality fish oil. There’s a lot of great technical stuff that goes into it, and a million and one studies as to why it’s great for your horse, and they even have a human product (Omega Cure), so I figured as long as my back and neck were keeping me from riding, and my horse was recovering from his own pulled muscles and joint issues, it made sense for both of us to try it out.

So here goes…we started on Tuesday, to give us both a few days to get whatever else we’ve been taking (yeah we’re both on supplements) out of our system and get a good read on how this horsefish stuff would really work. Surprisingly, it’s got almost no odor, and in liquid form actually tastes good and my uber picky horse is willing to eat his as well. That’s a bonus right there since when Sky’s sore, he’s such a big baby he won’t even eat his grain and will only munch hay. Score one for horsefish.

Tomorrow I go back to the massage therapist and Friday to the chiro, and from there we get to see how I feel. Sky gets shoes on so he’s not footsore, and hopefully by the weekend, we’re both at least on the right track and can start light riding again. Fortunately my other horses are in enough work (thanks to friends and students) that together we can take it slow. The timing worked out to try out the Wellpride and Omega Cure, and while I’m sure it will take more than a few days to feel the difference, I’m so sore (and so is he) that I have a feeling (and we’re hoping) that we can start feeling the effects sooner rather than later.

Have you tried any new supplements lately? Love them or hate them or can’t live without them? Let us know what you think, and I’ll keep everyone updated on mine and Sky’s progress here as well. Happy horsefishing (cute logo, right?)!