New big truck or large SUV? April 25 2014, 3 Comments

Driving to Lexington, VA last night (about 45 miles out), my 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport decided that its transmission wanted to overheat. Luckily, AAA came and towed my daughter and me and our big traveling tack trunk (AKA my car) to our hotel. Is it a coincidence that as I got in my car last night to drive 3.15 hours to Lexington that I was just thinking of how reliable this puppy has been and how happy I am that I don't ever have to worry about it when I get behind the wheel? It is also a coincidence that at the time the transmission decided to overheat that I was daydreaming about buying either a large SUV or a 2500/3500 diesel pick up truck? I bought this car in September of 2012 brand new. It was appealing because it had a great warranty and was good on gas. I was coming out of a TERRIBLE situation with an Audi. It looked great, but was a mechanical nightmare.

I am in a pickle at the moment. I want to buy a large SUV and a 2H trailer. I also want to start a casual, local shipping company and already have a 6H trailer that I can use. I will need a 350 dually to pull that beast. I really do not want to spend the money for a big SUV AND a big ol' truck so what do I do? The truck will pull anything obviously but the big SUV will be so much more functional. HELP!