5 fun facts about us! April 09 2014, 10 Comments

1. We use and love all of the brands that we carry on our horses or on ourselves.

How many other stores can say that? Can you imagine the owner of (insert large company name here) saying that they use and swear by every brand that they carry? We started carrying these brands because we were customers first.

2. We are Christian, female and minority owned business.

Whew, that is a mouthful! We go to church and we love God!

3. We love what we do and are OBSESSED with French saddles!

Ever since I rode in my old trainer's full buffalo Devoucoux Biarritz may years ago, I was hooked! The balance, the grippiness, the stability - the fact that I was jumping 3' courses and felt like I could jump a GP course made me a believer and I have never looked back. (A special thank you goes out to Katie Cooper of Caves Farm for introducing me to French saddles!)

4. We own horses and have been riding our whole lives.

We would like to think we ride well!

5. We give discounts to active military personnel and their families.

We cannot ever begin to thank our troops for what they do. Riding is expensive. Any little bit helps and we cannot thank our veterans and active duty service members enough!