Product Reviews from a Long Day in the Saddle March 31 2014, 1 Comment

Last weekend I spent over 6h in the saddle assisting in the search for a missing horse in Ramapo, NJ. Good news is that while we didn't find the horse that day, we were able to successfully track him and he was found and safely returned to his owners a few days later! In other good news, it also means that I got to test out some products while logging more hours in the saddle than I have since last summer - it's been a REALLY bad winter here on the East Coast. Not only was I happy to get out and about for the day, it was also great to try out some new products and see how they held up.

Our friend Leah of sporting her GoVelope!Now, I am the kind of person that hates full seat breeches for several reasons. I feel that they're not flattering, they don't stretch or move well, and they never ever ever fit me right. I'm short, curvy, and in between sizes. I assumed that based on my J-Lo butt (let's call it that, okay? lol), that I'd be a size L. Well, I got the larges, and they were too big. YAY! So I exchanged them for a M, and when I got the mediums, I looked at them and went - no way! However, I put them on, and they fit, and they fit well. Even better, they made me look great, AND the full seat panels stretched, and were comfortable. I was (mostly) sold. Then of course the weather stayed dismal, and I hadn't had the chance to ride in them.

Until last weekend. I figured hey, they're pretty comfortable so why not take them out for a 6h spin around a mountain? So I grabbed myFITS full seat breeches, attached my GoVelope (more about that in a minute) to hold my cell phone, trail map, and compass (yes the old school kind haha), and off we went. Not only did the breeches ride great, when I got home later that day and realized how gross I was from all day in the saddle, I also realized how NOT gross my breeches are. I have no idea what they are made with (magic?) but they fit well, felt great, made me look great AND managed to stay clean despite 6h on extreme trails up and down a mountain while tracking a missing horse! Definitely sold. So if you need good riding breeches that look great and stay clean, I can't say enough good things about FITS. They are worth every penny (and then some) and while normally I'd have never thought to use them for trail riding, seeing how well they held up, it looks like I have a new favorite breech for long days in the saddle both inside and outside the ring. Trying their new Megan Hunter/Jumper show breech is next on my list! And if you want to try the new FITS breeches and show jacket but are tight on funds, today is the last day to enter the "FITS Fun in the Sun" contest. Just upload a picture of  you and your horse, get 10 votes, and you're entered for a chance to win a full show outfit from FITS. But hurry - the contest ends at midnight PST tonight!

And now back to the GoVelope. It's this nifty little pouch that velcros to your belt loops (or has an attachment if you have breeches without belt loops) that I've really fallen in love with. It's got taped seams, some padding, and is weatherproof so that it holds not only my phone and a few other small items, but also keeps it dry and safe. While that's not something I encounter much in the H/J ring, when I'm out on trails, riding XC, or even schooling in the rain - because yes, I do ride in all sorts of weather - it's good to know that my phone with with me and protected not just in it's regular case. It's also got a non-skid back so that the GoVelope stays put. The first time I rode with it, I kept forgetting where my phone was, so it was also nice to know that it wasn't in the way when I was riding.

Of course it was a must for the trail ride, and it didn't disappoint. Cell was kept safe, compass and trail map handy, and of course my can't-live-without-it Burt's Bees chapstick. So while it may not have as much of an application in the show ring, for schooling and riding in the ring our out, it's a must-have in my book. I also found it's useful when I go jogging, hiking, and take the dogs out on treks, and when not in use, it tends to hang out in my car so I can always grab it on the go. I also often just throw my ID and credit card and some cash in there so that I can stop for a bite without needing to carry my whole wallet, while being confident that everything will stay safe and secure. Win-win all around!

Have you tried any new products lately? Let us know what you think, and share your reviews in the comments. If you love trying out products, and would like to be featured on our blog, just drop us a line at and you could have your very own product review blog post here as well!

Our friend Leah of sporting her GoVelope!

Our friend Leah of sporting her GoVelope!