10 Reasons Why NJ is Better Than FL in February February 25 2014, 0 Comments

Think you're missing out because all of your friends are in Ocala or Wellington? Wish you, too, could be a snowbird and head south for the winter? Are you kidding? No way! I love it up here, and this winter has been especially magical in New Jersey. So magical in fact, that I thought I'd write a blog post about it (as Rachel sits poolside in Florida sipping on tropical drinks in the sunshine...).

10 Reasons Why NJ is Better Than FL in February

  1. Warm fire going in the wood stove, hot cocoa, and the beauty of falling snow as the sun sets over the mountains
  2. Riding only in the indoor means a chance to focus on all of that flatwork that you've been procrastinating about all year
  3. Fuzzy ponies, and the joys of body clipping. Racing stripes anyone?
  4. How 50 degrees never felt so good when the cold spell breaks for a few days (just don’t mind the mud everywhere)
  5. It's snowing...again
  6. Ice skating in your outdoor arena (see it really does have all weather footing!)
  7. Being snowed in for days at a time, so that you can thoroughly clean all of your tack to get ready for show season in spring
  8. The way sunlight dances across the snow to blind you and your horse so you fall down on the ice in perfect unison
  9. Spring? Did someone say spring?
  10.  I give up. It's still snowing

For those of you in sunny Florida, there's a good chance that there will still be snow on the ground when you get back up north. I like to call it the white blanket of "oh look, we saved some for you so you didn't miss out while on the beach all winter." Happy is it spring yet! Guess what the forecast is this week? Oh yeah, snow.

Snowingly yours,