Rules for dating a rider .. by Shannon Elizabeth February 07 2014, 3 Comments

So how often do we see rules for dating riders? I've decided to add my own:

1. Find a hobby you enjoy.... A lot.

As riders we spend a lot of time doing what we love. You should probably take the time to find something to occupy this time to avoid sounding silly when you say something like "are you ever coming home??" 

2. For every horse video I make you watch, you get one car/motorcycle/computer ect video to show me. Make it count. 

3. Take notes on my horses names, nick names, show names, and at least one notable trait. It's a fabulous party trick that I will use to show you off to riding friends.

4. When you come out to the barn, it's a short period of time I expect your full attention as I dazzle you with my ponies. I will extend the same courtesy at an event of your choosing. 

5. When I leave the barn early for a set date of some sort, you best understand the sacrifice I made and make it count.

6. Learn 5 simple things in regards to my horses: how to put a halter on it, how to lead it without looking like a lost child dragging a sheep, how to put a saddle on, how to load a good horse into a trailer, and how to pick a stall.

7. Surprise me at a horse show. Screw the flowers.

8. Finding things matching my XC colors to show our shared interest is adorable.

9. Use whatever skills you have to apply them to my sport. IE my boyfriend is an IT guru and helped design my website. If you're good at wood work, build me some jumps.

10. Appreciate there will be a lot of weekend activities I miss because I'm "playing with my ponies", but also know that as passionate as I am about my life style, I will always be passionate about everything in my life, including you. Horse girls are independent, hard working, and resilient. You don't have to coddle us, and were a lot more understanding when things come up. Were hard working, and dedicated, and don't give up easily. 

Over the last few years, Shannon has focused her efforts on the sales aspect of her business, bringing along young prospects and is now expanding into more lessons, training, and more competitions, in addition to her sales program. With over 75 successful matches in the two years, she has developed a program that works exceptionally well with finding homes for all types of horses. 

Shannon is based in Elgin, IL. Her website is