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Just wanted to tell everyone how nice and easy it was dealing with you while purchasing my saddle and what a deal it was! Far easier and more reasonable than even going to my local tack store! Will definitely be recommending you to friends!


I had been shopping for a new saddle to replace my 14+ yr old HDR. I rode in test saddles from the local tack store as well as from online retailers. NO ONE had the selection that I Sell Tack has, & more importantly, SUPERLATIVE customer service. Rachel could not have been nicer or more accommodating. After sending her a photo of me in a saddle, she helped me make the decision to go with a 2010 CWD. Though 4 years old, the saddles was almost in pristine condition, with just wear showing on the billets. I test rode on my 2 horses plus 3 others ride – the 4.25” tree fit all of them well. I couldn’t justify spending the $$ on a brand new CWD, but love, LOVE, *LOVE* the one I got! It looks brand new but has the added bonus of being broken in. Great value to me, & thanks again, Rachel for ALL being so accommodating! An early Merry Christmas to me!


Just wanted to post a HUGE thank you to I Sell for selling my Delgrange saddle in under a week!!! Not only was the entire process painless, but the service was exceptional, and I got exactly what I wanted for the saddle. Anyone looking to buy or consign beautiful, high-quality tack for extremely reasonable prices should check them out!


I have looked for a saddle for about six months and finally bought what I thought was a beautiful used butet. After purchasing the saddle, I experienced a nightmare when I opened up the box. It was a antique looking busted up saddle that I just spent top dollar for. After that experience my mother and I went to I Sell Tack. There we were immediately helped and found our dream saddle. Still to this day I get asked where I found such a beautiful and well taken care of used antares for that price. Rachel was so nice, helpful, and flexible with the shipping to my school for me to try. Thank you again for all your help and is the only place where I will purchase tack!!


I have dealt with several tack sellers in my search for a saddle. Rachel Schaeffer stands out for her commitment in finding the best saddle for the best price. She readily responds to every inquiry and takes time to listen to the needs of the individual rider. I highly recommend Rachel and I Sell Tack for great service and products.


Thank you Rachel. The gorgeous Childeric M exceeded my expectations and the saddle fits like it was customed for pony and rider.


Thank you Rachel, the Bruno Delgrange was a great fit for pony and child! This is a very happy pair! I appreciate you working with me to find just what we needed at the right price!


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Welcome to, where you can find the best high-end, French, used saddles, bridles, tack and fittings. We feature the best in high-end and French used saddles from top brands such as Devoucoux, Antares, CWD Sellier, Voltaire Design, Meyer Selles, Butet, Hermes, Delgrange, Luc Childeric, L'Apogee, PJ, Tad Coffin and more. We carry the best fittings that WE USE AND LOVE ourselves. (What other tack store can say that they use EVERY brand that they carry?) We sell brands such as Royal Rider Stirrups, Jin Stirrups, helmets and spurs, PJ Saddles & fittings, Draper Therapies, EquineLUX saddle pads, Majyk Equipe protective boots, the Baker/Curvon line, custom DeNiro boots (made in Italy), JM Saddler products, Draper Therapies and all horse, dog and people Back on Track products. We also do custom drapes, sheets, blankets, rain covers scrims, etc. and sell trucks, trailers and golf carts. If you you are looking for something specific, we do take special orders and are always happy to help. Simply contact us and we will do everything we can to get you the tack you want at a price you can afford!  Thank you, and we hope you like our new site as much as we do, and we welcome your feedback. 
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