Retailer of Used French Saddles and Fine English Tack


Welcome to I Sell, where you can find the best high-end, French, used saddles, bridles, tack and fittings.  We carry Five Star Tack, Royal Rider Stirrups, Jin Stirrups and spurs, PJ Saddles & fittings, Draper Therapies, the Baker/Curvon line, JM Saddler products and all horse, dog and people Back on Track products and Harmohn Kraft leather products. We also do custom drapes, scrims, etc. If you you are looking for something specific, we do take special orders and are always happy to help.  Simply contact us and we will do everything we can to get you the tack you want at a price you can afford!  Thank you, and we hope you like our new site as much as we do, and we welcome your feedback.
We also feature the best in French used saddles from top brands such as Devoucoux, Antares, CWD Sellier, Voltaire Design, Butet, Hermes, Delgrange, Luc Childeric, L'Apogee, PJ and more.  Our models range from the CWD SE01, SE02, 2G, Voltaire Design Palm Beach Second Skin, Devoucoux Biarritz, Devoucoux Oldara, Antares deep seat to the Butet Premium models.  In addition, we carry a wide selection of saddle brands, including saddles from Colbert Brothers, County Saddlery, Stackhouse, Tad Coffin, Stubben and more.  While our main focus is close contact saddles for the hunter/jumper rider, we also carry cross country and dressage saddles and are happy to consider consigning your saddle.  Need help finding the right saddle?  Just contact us and we are happy to help, as we understand that a used saddle is a wonderful way to afford a top of the line saddle at a fraction of the retail cost.